Saturday, April 25, 2009


This was quite a tough night for me but AlhamduLILLAH things are in control a bit now. AlhamduLILLAH!

Yesternight, I had a little argument with my wife about going to her mothers' and I, in anger said, please don't talk anymore about it. I never had been angry before at my wife so she became so much worried that she couldn't sleep all night. In the morning I saw her womitting a bit so I started to talk to her. We were talking and suddenly she fainted. She stopped responding and I thought she, in anger, has increased her blood pressure so much that she is now out of her senses. I became worried too. I brought a glass of water and begin to spray her face with it. But the most dangerous thing I noticed was, that she wasn't breathing...

I started to manually press her ribs so that some fresh oxygen goes inside and the heart is a little pumped, after a few seconds she started breathing (AlhamduLILLAH) and I was relieved. I started to draw her attention towards myself by talking to her but she wasn't able to open her eyes. I pulled her to sit and asked her what have you eaten? (Lucky that I asked this question) and she replied, tablets!
me: which tablets?
her: Tranquilizer.
me: How many?
her: four
(Oh my Goodness)
So I pulled her up and forced her to walk with me to the kitchen. (So unfortunate that I hadn't had coffee) Oh my Lord what to do? I took her to the kitchen, took a small pan and poured some water in it from the tap. Then went to the stove burner and put it on fire. I poured three or four spoonfulls of tea (They often call it black tea) into it. While it boiled I kept her busy in talking. She was saying just one thing... "Let me sleep"... I said ok please wait a second... I did anything I could to keep her awake, slapped her, make her walk, anything that wont let her rest.

The pan soon started boiling and I poured the black tea into the cup realizing that it's too hot to drink, I brought a pan full of cold water to drop the temperature of the tea and as soon as possible, I started to feed her with that black incredibly bitter tea. After two or three big gulps she started womiting and I was a bit relieved to see that.

After she womitted out all that was in her stomach I fed her with some more tea which she reluctantly accepted. But I forced it in. I took her then to shower with her dress on (because sleeping under shower is quite difficult). After half an hour, I brought her out but didn't let her dry because drying up means relaxing and relaxing leads to sleeping...

We talked for an hour or two in this state and I asked her why she took those high profile tranquilizers??? She replied, "I was just trying to sleep but I couldn't. I took four tablets so that I could sleep early, (The tablets are so small but are really hardcore tranquilizers).

I asked her who gave you those tablets? and She replied, "The school headmaster (or principal) gave me those tablets to take in my very tense days when I had so much work." (She used to work formerly in a school as a teacher and vice principal).

I was so annoyed. I told her that your stupid headmaster was making you an addict. And in my utmost annoyance I said whatever I could say against that principal, his native city and so on...

You just can't hold it when your wife's life is at stake because of such an idiot.

Anyway, to keep her awake for hours, I planned to take her to her mother's on motorbike, it's a 3 hours 30 minutes ride and I hoped that 3 hours will weaken the effect of the pills. So, we prepared the breakfast, had it, and started our journey to Gujranwala, the city I hate the most (due to the above experiences and the people who caused them).


MyHijab said...

Maybe now you know not to yell at your wife? :p

EnshaALlah she is feeling better.

Aurangzeb said...

yup! I learned it the hard way!

Umm Omar said...

Wow, alhamdullillah, she is feeling better. I hope you enjoyed the trip to her mother's.

Aurangzeb said...

I felt like my life was hanging in my throat! :P