Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today was a simple day like all days before. I slept all day and did nothing remarkable. I woke up when it was almost maghrib time. My brain is bombarded with thoughts of what to write and what not to write and often I forget everything as my IQ has dropped very sharply in past few years. Well you may think that I'm sleeping all day and up all night that's why my brain isn't working fine. Well that isn't the case really.

I had been a patient of depression in past years. About three or more. I never consulted a psychiatrist for this purpose because my depression wasn't so simple and I was sure that a psychologist can't understand me. I'm still sure. When I was under severe depression, I had negative thoughts about everything almost. I knew I was wrong but I couldn't help myself. So, I prayed silently for ALLAH's help. besides I was a sinner, ALLAH helped me, and to be exact, not my parents, not my friends, no-one else, just ALLAH helped me. He later on helped me with his friends, with my wife with whom I live now AlhamduLILLAH (formerly I lived with my parents).

So, in those times, the only remedy for me was to forget things. So, I tried to forget everything. What I ate, what I drank, with whom I talked and what I said and what he/she said. I tried to forget everything so that no memories no thoughts. So, now I forget things quickly. This is what I have learned. Otherwise, I had a memory that astonished people. I knew what happened the times when I didn't even learned to speak.

Anyway, time passed by, the only thing that matters is that ALLAH helped me when I needed him. He helped me no matter whatever I was. Without his help, I wouldn't have survived such a horrible disease. ALLAH forgive me all my sins and make me thanksgiving to you! A'meen!

Anyway, here is a plan to keep good mental health. I hope it'd be helpful.

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Umm Omar said...

Wow, soubhanAllah. Allah is the Most Merciful.
Depression is so, so tough to get through and learn to manage but, it sounds like you are getting there, insha'Allah.