Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Abusing "So" So Much

This is about 10:55 in the morning. End of the month and I have no money in my pocket... I recently took a bath and changed so I don't have it in my pocket see. The weather's too hot, so the body desires to sleep to keep itself cold, so Rahat is sleeping (Rahat is the name of my wife by the way).

So, I thought to take a picture of myself in a Turban, but the batteries of my camera were exhausted so I put them on charging and took off my turban. So, can't take that shot now. By the way, I was thinking what sort of people we are. We know that taking a picture isn't allowed, yet we do this regardless of what the consequences can be. Take my example. I took the camera from my dad to take pictures of books instead of wasting my time on copying from the books using a pen/pencil etc. But, that's what I do seldom. But happy that my camera breath the air quite rarely too. Mostly it's hidden from the outside world. Not to tell the exact location of it :P.

So, Why did I start this blog. Initially my plan was to keep a record of everything I do and don't do but then I started to write more than that here. Even the thoughts that come in my mind. I hope that to be helpful to some people though. So I write them here. May be a psychiatrist will be able to do his research using this blog some day.


Umm Omar said...

You take pictures of your books? Are those supposed to be the notes or something? I, too, didn't know which direction my blog would take when I started, but I knew that I wanted it to be something for my kids to read one day, insha'Allah. btw, I just commented on a few other of your posts.

Aurangzeb said...

yup! I take pictures of books because they work as notes for me. There are 100s of books that we may need to read but we can't read them in very limited time of the library so I use my camera to take the pictures of the required pages so that I can read them at home any time I like. (it's sometimes illegal by the way so need to be careful ;) ). If legality is a problem, I issue the book from the library, take it home, take pictures of all it's pages and return the book next day with a new one issued ;) :D (don't tell anyone! :p)

It's illegal when you send the pages to friends or sell them but for personal use it's legal. And I only have to use them for myself.

Quick It Girl/Asmi's Journal said...

Assalam Alaikom,
This post made me think about the purpose of my own blog...then I realised right now, my blog doesn't have a real purpose. ><"
I'm just going to keep posting and see where it goes. :)

Aurangzeb said...

Asmi, you may not have a purpose to write it but we have a purpose to read it. You blog reflects your cute thoughts MashaALLAH! You see, you transfer your good thoughts to us using your blog. MashaALLAH!