Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So., another day! It's 23rd of April Thursday and it's 8:33 in the morning. I had been sleeping for a while and now I'm awake. Fed my fish the aquarium fish food after a long time.

My fish are good AlhamduLILLAH, except for one thing that their tails aren't really straight the way they should be. Their fins are little curved in a circle. The tips come closer than usual may be that's because they aren't fine still. I'm keeping their temperature a bit higher to keep them safe from the cold. I also fed them with an antibiotic and of course a little bit of vitamins yesterday.

Now I'm having my breakfast. I use to have a cold meal because recently I have recovered (not fully) from Jaundice. My SGPT level came out to be 1750 while the normal is 0 to 50. So, I'm avoiding any hot food.

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