Monday, April 27, 2009

It's morning now and 7:38 am. I've just had my breakfast. The plants that I brought look a bit better today but still not great. Some of the leaves are just hanging with the plant some baby leaves are about to open their eyes and some old leaves are angry at nothing.

Yesterday I posted some stupid comments (stupid because they weren't necessary) on Just Another Day's post Mary In Islam and now the blogger of that blog sounds like angry at me. Well, How I know it? Actually my blog used to be in her awesome blogs' list and now it's gone! Hope she forgets her anger soon. But the weather is really hot. It was more than 37 degrees centigrade yesterday and the sun was burning over our heads. So, can't expect a lot!

I was reading My Hijab and came to know about a new awesome spread called Vegemite. I was a little doubtful about it being Halal but now I learned that it is Halal. I also came to read a really informative post about George W. Bush at that blog and is worth reading.

Day before yesterday I removed everything from my computer in a hurry. I had three seasons of Psych (it is my favourite T.V. show) which were also removed in this "Clean-up" operation. So, now I'm left with nothing on my computer. It now looks clean by the way ;).


Umm Omar said...

Assalam alaikum,

Oh my gosh, brother. I'm not mad, nor would I get mad if someone disagreed with me. We're all entitled to an opinion. SoubhanAllah. Also, I played with my layout a little bit last week and when I did so, I lost many blogs on my blogroll; all the ones I added by URL. Yours is not the only one missing. I will add them all back, insha'Allah. Sorry for the confusion!

Aurangzeb said...

hmm! That's a big problem that I face too when altering the layout.

I was a bit pessimistic because people get emotional about their heroes (like Aliah Schleifer being yours!)