Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have changed the top picture today. It's simple and it's small. By the way, I took the above (Tasmia) picture from one of my favourite blogs I hope she (the owner of the blog) wont mind :).

One of my fish were sick a few days back. I don't know what happened. May be the water was polluted with wheat flour. Yep that's right, I feed them with wheat flour often. Mostly it is in cooked form (in form of chapatti) but some times, it is just the paste. I fed them with a homoeopathic medicine by the way and now they are AlhamduLILLAH fine.

I've been very critical about using homoeopathic medicine but now my mind is changing...

I'm sitting on my computer as you all know, my table is "sprinkled" with a jug of water, a mouse some medicines (xynociene, rose water and Ferrum Phosphoricum 6x to be exact) my torch an empty bowl of glass, an empty box of water filter, my wallet, my handkerchief, my spectacles and a pair of AA size NiMH rechargable damaged batteries. Don't know what to do about them... they look fine to me, but sometimes I get tired of such a mess.... though I never organize things up myself and rely mostly on my wife.

I've been posting some new movies on which mostly belong to Pakistan Air Force. Don't want to post them here, they don't look very sweet and won't let my blog clean. I like my blog to be clean so no extra stuff.

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