Thursday, April 23, 2009

I had been reading a very nice article on Just Another Day about penmanship. It's worth reading and should we understand it. A computer can never beat a pen. These are quite a few horrible misconceptions about a computer like:

Computer Beats human brain in calculation speed.
Computer can never beat a human brain. Even not a master computer. A computer has a limited memory, a limited processing power whereas a human brain has unlimited memory it can process things in a fraction of a second which a computer can take years. (we call it qualitative analysis).

Qualitative analysis is something a computer can not perform. For example, for a computer to know that a glass is half filled with water, the only way is to measure it. If it is more than a half, computer will say it's not half. If that glass is a little less than a half filled with water, computer will say it's not half. This is because of the fact that computer doesn't know qualitative analysis. It only knows quantitative analysis. Whereas a brain know how to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze an object.

Take an example of "He is a good man". Now, If I talk to you, I may say after a five minutes discussion that "You're a good man/woman" but a computer may take years to decide whether you're a good man or not. So, a computer's memory is limited. We should not over estimate a computer.

A human brain is perfect in every aspect because it's created by ALLAH. Take another example of tossing a coin. If I ask you, I'm tossing a coin, what do you think would be the outcome? a head or a tail? You may say it will be head InshaALLAH (you may say otherwise), or you may say it would be neither because the eagle on the tree beside is trained in catching coins. But a computer can-not decide. It may say that it can't be anything other than a head or a tail. It can-not take an eagle into account no matter if it's looking at it.

Computer saves paper so it's environment friendly.
Computer never saves paper. Every good organization keeps two records of data, one on the paper and other in the computer. Computer data can be altered or removed altogether by accident, but the data on the paper is non-volatile. So, that's why, they need paper. Computer never saves paper, Instead, using computer has increased paper usage in many areas.

It is better to write on a computer and print it out rather than writing on a paper by hand.
It can never be better to write on a computer and then print it than to write directly on a paper. Take for example the fact into account that in some countries, like Pakistan, Electricity is quite unreliable. I'm writing this now, but I'm not sure if I would be able to complete this document. Likewise, there are places where you can-not find electricity at all. You must rely on a pen and a paper to write. How is computer any better than the pen?

We should keep our children away from calculator, a computer and a mobile phone as much as we can because it greatly affects the human brain.

Calculator wont let you calculate on your own. So, you'd soon be relying on a calculator for even a simple calculation like 12 x 5 thus retard your brain capability.

Computer wont let you wander here and there while you're studying. You can't study under a tree when you need to study using a computer. Your eyes must look forward to view the screen thus increasing stress on them and even a computer wont let you learn things because to learn things you need time and when you're reading on a computer you're discharging your batteries or using electricity which can go off any moment so you're in a hurry always.

Mobile phone emits microwaves which ionizes the molecules in the cells of human brains and tissues thus they can do anything. If, God-Forbid, a microwave accidentally dries some of the blood in one's brain cappilaries, they can jam the blood circulation and destroy a part of the brain... by the way... for your information, the inventor of the mobile phone never used his invention himself and he relies only on landline.

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Umm Omar said...

Wow. Great post! This was very interesting.

I think this,too, is part of a bigger problem for most societies these days, especially those in the West, and that is, we are losing our independence and becoming completely dependent on these, now staples of life that can't offer us any real security whatsoever. You reminded me of when I was in college and I would sit at the computer for hours and hours writing a paper, and then my computer would just crash and lose the document. Things like that happen to us every day and yet we still insist on being dependent on these devices.
Thank you for this post. I'm reminded to go back to the basics and live simply.