Monday, April 20, 2009

Gospel of Judas

Gospel of Judas is found after about 1700 years which is considered as one of the most authentic document of the christians.

according to New York times, it says that Jesus (Issa AS) said to Juda, "you will exceed all of them. For you will sacrifice the man that clothes me."

I haven't read it myself but counting on the information of New York times. By the way, this seems really disturbing how can a great man like Jesus (Issa AS) is willing to die???

New York times and Christians think that Jesus liked him because he was willing to get rid of his physical flesh that's why he liked Juda so much. But I don't think that's the story.

We Muslims, believe that Jesus is, and all this time was, alive with all his physical form. And I think that Gospel of Judas is the evidence of this belief.

Jesus (Issa, Peace be upon him) said, you'll sacrifice the man that clothes (impersonate) me.

According to Muslims, the story is something like this.

Issa (Jesus) (A-S) was in a shelter when some soldiers came to arrest him. Because of his fear or something they sent a man among them inside to take Jesus (Issa AS) so he went. He couldn't find Jesus (Issa AS) in there so he came out to tell the soldiers that he is not in there. But oh, his face so much resembled that of Jesus (Issa AS) so the soldiers arrested him and accused him that he was lying and he is Jesus himself and has killed the soldier they had sent. So they arrested him and he was later killed on the cross. (Let me call this man Impersonator)

Now let us see how Gospel of Judas prove it.

Jesus (Issa AS) said to juda (Yahooda in Arabic) that you'll sacrifice the person who clothes me. It was because this was the way to keep Jesus safe from harm of Jews. Now let's see what actually would have happened.

The Impersonator came out and was arrested among other people who were thought to be Jesus (Issa AS). Juda was asked to identify Jesus (Issa AS). So, he told them that the impersonator is actually Jesus (Issa AS) which was wrong. But, the jews took it as final and killed the impersonator on the cross. No one else than Juda knew that Jesus (Issa AS) was safe and he never told anyone the fact. That was why Jesus (Issa AS) liked him. Because he was the bravest among them to perform such a sensitive task.

If you don't realize how sensitive the task was, then try to think about the spies. Every country has spies. And if any of the spy is caught, he faces the toughest time. Killed slowly and tortured the most that the enemy can. So a spy can't be a coward man. If a country chooses a coward spy, the whole country is at stake.

This is how much important the task of Juda was, that is why he was instructed personally by Jesus (Issa AS).

Jesus (Issa AS) said to him (Juda) that you'll suffer a great grief. This is what the grief was, christian people still accuse him of selling Issa AS to the enemy for just 5 pennies.

If you don't read the Gospel of Juda now, the authorities might ammend it a bit to keep it conforming to the present religion. Because of the fact that christians' fathers are not brave enough to face the fact that they are wrong at many places.

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