Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Panama Case

Tomorrow, outcome of Panama case is expected.

But let's look at how cases have been dealt with before.

15 people were killed in model town by the police. And the jury decided that they were killed by their own friends and not the police. Though the whole country knows what happened there.

Children started to get kidnapped, And the authorities decided that they children are running away themselves.

Ayan Ali was arrested, put to jail because she was taking her own money in the flight with her. And she was put her name in the ECL for a murder that was committed when she was in jail. And she kept on fighting for that care for more than a year. I don't know how much she spent because she could, if a normal middle class person is put to jail for the same reason, then there's no hope for him that he will ever come out of jail.

A person was declared innocent by the jury after his death. He was sent for life imprisonment in jail where he died after spending more than a decade in jail.

So who expects anything from such a justice system?

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