Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - a history?

I had kept up for about an year. But couldn't get much people's attention. Also created facebook page for it. It was one of the fastest websites on the Internet. And available as a free service. Still I couldn't get attention.

So last month, I had to close it down. Don't know if I'd re-upload it again. or should I?

I have had bought a new domain name for the website, but well, don't know if I would be using it now. :(

Melanie Duncan

So I came up with a blog here. And it is awesome.

I was looking for some business ideas, trying to figure out why my existing online businesses are not working. So I found some of my answers there.

I found Melanie's blog while I was searching for OptimizePress, which is apparently some new software that I currently don't know of or don't care about. So, I saw her picture there. Googled that name and found out that she has quite an appearance on google. Her blog is good too. Good read for people who are searching for ideas.