Thursday, September 2, 2010



Satan terry jones Arrested for Child Pornography

Posted: 02 Sep 2010 08:55 AM PDT

Now check this out… the guy who was planning to (Na’uzubiLLAH) mass burning The Great Qur’an on Sep 11 had been arrested for Child pornography on august 4 2010… He is said to be sharing nude pictures of children on limewire (Limewire is a peer to peer sharing software). The news has been there on nbc [...]

Dr. Imad Hassan – Another Loser of Track

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 05:39 PM PDT

This post is just to inform all my readers to please beware of Dr. Imad Hussain, because he is one of those who have lost their track. And surprisingly, he has a following. Check this out what he says: The End of the Fallacy of Adam's Rib and the Most Disgusting Incest in History: The idea that [...]

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