Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Fajr time and I've just woke up from sleep. A blanket of thick clouds has covered the sky. There is a little sound of lightning coming from the sky that sounds like saying "ALLAH is Great", "Fear ALLAH".

It seems that ALLAH listened to my prayers or prayers of someone who read my blog and now ALLAH has sent the clouds and a pleasant wind. AlhamduLILLAH! ALLAH show us the right path and then keep us firm on it. A'meen!
From about two days I'm stuck with a computer game "Age of Empire", I'm sort of in love with this game and my wife is really angry at me for this :D So, to forget her anger she is planning to visit her friend. It's the same friend who made her so desperate to go to her mothers'. Well! let's see what happens today. May ALLAH save us from all harms. A'meen!

I'm on my computer table which is quite dirty now and neither me nor Rahat paid attention to clean it. I seldom do this sort of a job and expect Rahat to do this. But she is a bit busy today in laundry work. Hope to have my table clean soon.

It's hot weather these days. Hot and Dry (Fire). It seems that our sins have created so much fuel for hell. (ALLAH forbid)!

Today I added Asmi's blog to my favourites which I should have done long ago but... never paid attention.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Today I slept in the night after a long time. Don't know if it was good or bad for me. And after a long time did I recite from the Qur'an by actually holding The Book in my sinner hands.

I remember a verse from Allama Iqbal's,
Mai jo sar ba'sajda hua kabhi to zameen se anay lagi sada
Tera dil to hai sanam aashna tujhay kya milay ga namaz mai!

If ever I bowed my head in prayers I listen to the earth saying,
"Your heart is fond of idols, what can you earn from your prayers?!"

My Favourite Videos

Today, I don't know from where the idea came into my mind to attach some videos to my blog. I don't like the videos much but the content the verses of the songs or peoms matters the most. I love them since long... very long... since I was a kid. So, now, after a very long time have I been able to listen to them.

They (the poems) are of no use until one doesn't know it's meaning. So, as far as I know their meanings I have plan to InshaALLAH write them down here.

So, let's start from Peera ho Peera

Peera Ho Peera

Meray hath gari diyan thuthiyanMy hands are like bowls of coconut (I'm begging)
Mera Peer sacha tay mai jhuti aanMy Teacher is right and I am wrong
Shalan walay'a peera
Peera Ho PeeraTeacher! Oh Teacher!
Meri Dachi day gal wich talliyanMy ride has bells in it's neck
Wai mai Peer manawan challi aanI'm going to make my teacher happy
Shalan waleya peera
Peera Ho PeeraTeacher Oh Teacher
Meray hath katora ai mangan daI have a cup of beggars in my hands
Mera Peer wali aina rahwan daMy teacher know all these ways (meaning the ways to ALLAH from where my desires can be fulfilled)
Shalan walay'a Peera
Peera ho PeeraTeacher! Oh Teacher

You can download it's audio here

Now let's come to the second poem Bhagan waleyo

Bhagan Walay'o

Bhagan Walayo! Naam japoOh Gifted People! Recite the Name
Maula Naam Naam!The Name of your Lord (ALLAH)
Husn, Jawani, Duniya FaniBeauty, Youth, World are all Mortal
Shai her Aani jani rahay Maula Naam NaamEverything come and go but our Lord remains forever
Banda Makri, Tolay TakRiClever (dishonest) human, weighs balance
Hath wich lakRi chabdabites wood with his fingernails
Raway Maula Naam naamOur Lord remains forever
Loag byopari, pyar de vairiPeople are businessmen, enemies of Love
Ishq de ramz noo jaanan naDoesn't know the meaning of Love
Maula naam naamBut Our Lord! (But ALLAH knows)
Bhagan Walayo, Naam Japo, Maula Naam NaamOh Gifted People! Recite the name, The Name of (your) Lord

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Abusing "So" So Much

This is about 10:55 in the morning. End of the month and I have no money in my pocket... I recently took a bath and changed so I don't have it in my pocket see. The weather's too hot, so the body desires to sleep to keep itself cold, so Rahat is sleeping (Rahat is the name of my wife by the way).

So, I thought to take a picture of myself in a Turban, but the batteries of my camera were exhausted so I put them on charging and took off my turban. So, can't take that shot now. By the way, I was thinking what sort of people we are. We know that taking a picture isn't allowed, yet we do this regardless of what the consequences can be. Take my example. I took the camera from my dad to take pictures of books instead of wasting my time on copying from the books using a pen/pencil etc. But, that's what I do seldom. But happy that my camera breath the air quite rarely too. Mostly it's hidden from the outside world. Not to tell the exact location of it :P.

So, Why did I start this blog. Initially my plan was to keep a record of everything I do and don't do but then I started to write more than that here. Even the thoughts that come in my mind. I hope that to be helpful to some people though. So I write them here. May be a psychiatrist will be able to do his research using this blog some day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bought Some New Fish

Today I went for shopping of rations and on my journey back, I bought some fish... alive fish. I bought four of them (2 couples) which cost me 40 rupees. Now I've put them in a tub because they were not quite friendly with my Goldfish.

I asked the shopkeeper about the type of the fish I had bought but he said, "ainnu aam machhi kehnday nai" ( they call it ordinary fish ). Now I have Identified it to be Rohu (Labeo Rohita). I like it's scientific name though (Labeo Rohita) sounds like a girls name :D.

The new fish are MashaALLAH stronger than the goldfish but the problem I'm facing with this fish is that they jump out of the tub often. I've put one fish back two times til now. So, I'm really worried for what they will do and what can they do when I'm sleeping.

So, here's the thing, I need to find some cover to put on the tub, But if I cover them, light may no longer be available to them so covering the tub is a temporary solution.

So, let's see what I can do!!!

My wife asked me to take her to the falooda shop to have a cup of falooda there but I refused and said that first we should do something about the rations, she was quite willing to go there but I reluctantly refused. Hope to take her there tomorrow InshaALLAH.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's morning now and 7:38 am. I've just had my breakfast. The plants that I brought look a bit better today but still not great. Some of the leaves are just hanging with the plant some baby leaves are about to open their eyes and some old leaves are angry at nothing.

Yesterday I posted some stupid comments (stupid because they weren't necessary) on Just Another Day's post Mary In Islam and now the blogger of that blog sounds like angry at me. Well, How I know it? Actually my blog used to be in her awesome blogs' list and now it's gone! Hope she forgets her anger soon. But the weather is really hot. It was more than 37 degrees centigrade yesterday and the sun was burning over our heads. So, can't expect a lot!

I was reading My Hijab and came to know about a new awesome spread called Vegemite. I was a little doubtful about it being Halal but now I learned that it is Halal. I also came to read a really informative post about George W. Bush at that blog and is worth reading.

Day before yesterday I removed everything from my computer in a hurry. I had three seasons of Psych (it is my favourite T.V. show) which were also removed in this "Clean-up" operation. So, now I'm left with nothing on my computer. It now looks clean by the way ;).
Well It's fifteenth post now. 13 which is considered as a bad number is now gone(mostly superstitious people refuse to accept that 13 comes after 12 or before 14. So for them counting is somewhat like this.... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, .... and for some less superstitious people, it is like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12.9, 14, 15, 16, ... ).

I'm sitting on my computer... well not really on my computer but... we can say!

We brought some new plants from Gujranwala which were my wife's property and now they are decorating my table. They are quite withered due to, so dry, journey from Gujranwala to Lahore. I live in Lahore. My wife is sleeping beside and I think this is due to those tranquilizers. I'm trying to wake her up but the hot and dry air is keeping us from doing any big thing... like keeping my wife from preparing dinner. And it's 10:32 pm now which is pretty late for dinner.