Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fall of Hitler

I'm working on my forum ( at the moment. just uploading some videos of Nicolette bird.

There are some problems in my forum that I'm unable to cure. One of them is that I doesn't always display my ads. I've put an ad rotator but sometimes it fails or is failed. But ads are something that make or lose me something if they display or don't. There are spammers in my forum which I don't know how to handle.

Today on National Geographic, I was watching the fall of Hitler. It wasn't really about the fall of Hitler but about the victims of Hitler mainly. Look, when there is a war, people die. That's a fact, and that doesn't make someone criminal. As we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, a lot of civilians have died for no reason by the Americans, how are Americans justified when Hitler is not? This is something I don't understand.

Not only that people of America and Europe are affected with the propaganda but also of the third world countries. No one knows the truth. All they know is what they are told.

Well this propaganda is going everywhere. Not just in America or Europe. It is everywhere. I've read a lot of propaganda in my Pakistan Studies book myself. The propaganda which is in favor of the current government. :D

The thing I hate the most is that people don't even let the fries (children) grow out of this propaganda. For example, Children are told "Hitler was bad guy" "Hitler was a criminal" "Hitler the greatest Villain" and children accept. They don't know why Hitler was bad or criminal or a villian. That's what the children grow with and take with them all their life.

Take Hitler for example, He wasn't the criminal alone in his time. If you take a closer look at "The East India Company" you'll notice that England was a criminal too. The war between Hitler and England (in which later on involved America and Russia) is the war between two criminals. I bet, if Hitler would have won the war, he'd be the hero and England and America would've been called criminals in the present age. Hitler is the culprit because he lost.

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